"what good is livin' a life you've been given,
if all you do is stand in one place."
—lord huron


In just one month, I’ll be boarding a plane to Mexico with no definitive plans of return. That is what I know. I’ve been too enamored with my day-to-day life in the Pacific Northwest to really stop and think about what that means; I haven’t wrapped my brain around the full implications of this leap.... 

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about me

I recently quit my job as a digital content strategist and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. Exploration and adventure have always been a part of who I am, so this next journey comes as no surprise—just one more leap in my lifelong story of wanderings. 

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One afternoon as I was killing time, grabbing a bite before my flight departed to St. Croix, I sat across from a Brazilian-Italian gentleman who owned a rental car place next-door. He offered to share his nachos—and then a lift on his scooter to a beach near the airport where I could continue waiting. I hopped on. And so should you. See where I'm headed next... 

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