"what good is livin' a life you've been given,
if all you do is stand in one place."
—lord huron


Maybe the goal of being unemployed by my 30th birthday was foolish. Or unrealistic. But I've been trying to conform for the last decade, and to me, that has seemed foolish, as well. I'm sorry it's taken this long but I'm finally embracing the feelings of restlessness... 

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about me

I recently quit my job as a digital content strategist and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. Exploration and adventure have always been a part of who I am, so this next journey comes as no surprise—just one more leap in my lifelong story of wanderings. 

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One afternoon as I was killing time, grabbing a bite before my flight departed to St. Croix, I sat across from a Brazilian-Italian gentleman who owned a rental car place next-door. He offered to share his nachos—and then a lift on his scooter to a beach near the airport where I could continue waiting. I hopped on. And so should you. See where I'm headed next... 

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